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Conditions Générales de vente

Article 1. Recitals
Any use of Le Studio’s premises or outbuildings shall imply formal acceptance subject to no exceptions or reservations by the client or any person representing said client of the General Terms of Sale. The client represents that it is in possession of said General Terms of Sale and has taken cognizance thereof. It is agreed that the client’s acceptance of a quote, placing a dated and signed order, payment of a down payment or the commencement of performance of a service shall imply acceptance hereof.

Article 2. Terms and conditions of lease and running of the premises
The client undertakes to provide Le Studio with a call sheet prior to each service stipulating the names and positions of the persons present on the leased studio set. Therefore, the latter shall be deemed to be authorised by the Client to incur any expense with regard to Le Studio. However, the Client may first formally appoint one person to be responsible for the expenses incurred on its behalf with regard to Le Studio. If no call sheet exists or no person has been designated, all persons present at the studio set shall be deemed to be authorised by the Client.

Any service carried out by the Le Studio shall give rise to the studio set assistant drawing up a studio set sheet providing details of the equipment and services requested by the Client.
This studio set sheet shall be subject to the approval by the Client or one of its representatives to whom a copy shall be provided.
The studio set sheet shall be used for invoicing purposes. No disputes at a later date shall be accepted by Le Studio.
Moreover, an expenses sheet shall be completed for each service by the studio set assistant and signed by the Client. This sheet shall state the expenses incurred by Le Studio on behalf of the Client. These expenses shall be increased by 100% on the final invoice for the service.

It is expressly agreed and accepted by the Client that our studios are invoiced on a daily basis for a period of ten hours from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.
Before 9.00 a.m. and after 7.00 p.m., occupancy shall be invoiced as additional time by periods of 30 minutes.
In accordance with the collective bargaining agreement for “technical companies providing design and event services” applicable to Le Studio’s staff, any service exceeding 14 hours must be planned at least four hours in advance and be set forth in a specific order form.

All our quotes are valid 7 days and become obsolete if they are not returned approved with stamp and signature 7 days before the date of the reservation.
Any order cancelled less than 96 hours prior to the commencement of the service shall be invoiced in full.

Any equipment or accessory which is not collected within 48 hours following the completion of the service shall give rise to the payment by the Client of a daily storage fee calculated based on the volume stored. Articles which are not collected by the Client within seven calendar days shall be placed in a skip and shall be invoiced in addition.

Due to security reasons, the Client shall be liable for dispatch riders which it uses. Therefore, it undertakes to personally deposit and take delivery of its letters at the reception desk insofar as dispatch riders are not authorised to drive in the company’s premises.
In the Client’s absence, the stamp affixed by Le Studio on letters and delivery forms shall not incur its liability and shall uniquely confirm the delivery man’s visit to his company and shall not under any circumstances constitute a receipt or acceptance of the goods.

Article 3. Recourse, liability and insurance
The Studio undertakes to lease the premises, equipment and material in perfect working order to the Client.
The Client undertakes to return the same in the same condition. Failing which, the repair and restoration costs shall be invoiced to the Client.
Rental equipment includes insurance, with a deductible of 350€. Our insurance does not cover theft. It must be covered by the Client's insurance.

The Client shall be liable for all persons present at the place where the service is performed and for the consequences of their actions.

The Client undertakes to take all security measures required for valuables which it brings to Le Studio’s premises. It undertakes to first inform Le Studio thereof.

Le Studio shall not be held liable for any bodily injury, material and immaterial damage occurring in the premises and any theft, deterioration or damage of any form whatsoever which may occur to species, materials, clothing or any other type of goods, animals including those supplied or brought by the Client, its representative or its agents.
Therefore, the Client shall be responsible for taking out the insurance policies required to cover all risks set forth hereinabove. The Client undertakes to produce the corresponding certificate to Le Studio upon request.

Le Studio shall not accept liability for any damage caused by any third party in the car park made available to Clients. In addition, Le Studio’s employees shall not be authorised to move the Clients’ vehicles.

Article 4. Digital files and services
Le Studio shall not be held liable for the loss or damage to images or computer data used by the Client or obtained using equipment made available. In the event of a fault attributable to Le Studio, its liability shall not be incurred beyond the supply of the same technical resources which were made available to the Client in order to enable it to rebuild the lost or damaged data.

As regards digital capture or retouching, the working files shall be saved for three months with effect from the date of the service. After this time limit, all data shall be destroyed.

Article 5. Payment terms and due dates
All services shall be payable as follows:

-    50% down payment upon confirmation of the order,
-    Outstanding balance, i.e., 50% on the day of the performance of the service,
-    Additional services not covered by the quote payable 60 days after receipt of the invoice.

No discount shall be granted.

Le Studio reserves the right to include an amount corresponding to a provision for food expenses and additional costs in its quote up to 10% of the total quote. It is agreed that the corresponding invoice shall only state the costs actually incurred by the Client as recorded on the studio set sheet and the expenses sheet. In the event where the down payments received exceed the amount of the invoice, Le Studio undertakes to refund the difference within 15 calendar days.

In the event where an invoice is not paid on the due date, late payment interest shall automatically accrue subject to no requirement for formal notice with effect from the first day after the due date calculated at three times the French legal interest rate. In addition, all other invoices issued by the same Client, even if they are not due, and all instalments payable in the future relating to one or more invoices shall become immediately due and payable.
The Client undertakes to refund all costs and fees incurred in relation to the legal collection of the amounts owed, including costs, fees and/or fees for members of officially appointed legal professions.

Article 6. Disputes
In the event of a technical incident or dispute, the client must state its observations on the studio set sheet as defined in Article 2.
In the event of a legal dispute, the Paris Commercial Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction.