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A tribute to the founder of our restaurant. Mr Jacques Rouchon.

Already known for his prowess in the kitchens of the Fer Moulin, our chef renews the exploit of offering you a choice of 3 starters, 3 main courses and 5 desserts every day. He works with fresh seasonal products, prepared on-site in our kitchens,
and puts together a varied menu every day.

Monsieur Jacques also proposes buffet formulas for breakfast, lunch or snacks and can respond to your specific needs: allergies, vegetarian, gluten-free...

Monsieur Jacques is also a catering service for your external productions and events. The site has been designed to be convivial and welcoming with a replace to relax and direct access to a large and beautiful private terrace, equipped with a heated pergola for cool days.




// Breakfast included in the price of the set (for 8 people)
€5 (excl-tax) for each additional breakfast.

  • Mini-danishes
  • Percolated coffee and tea
  • Orange juice
  • Bread
  • Mini-preserves, hazelnut spread, honey, butter

// Continental breakfast - €18 (excl-tax) per person
Minimum 10 people.

  • Coffee, selection of teas (8 avors), hot chocolate packets, carafe of warm milk
  • Premium fruit juice (3 kinds), carafe of cold milk, plant milk (3 kinds)
  • Bowl of fresh fruit, fresh fruit salad
  • Mini-croissants, mini-raisin buns, mini-chocolate croissants
  • White baguette, multi-grain bread, sliced bread, gluten- free bread (on request)
  • Cereal bars, dried fruit (2 kinds)
  • Preserves (different avors), hazelnut spread, honey, butter
  • Soft-boiled eggs
  • Sliced meat (ham and turkey)
  • Plain yoghurt, sheep’s milk yoghurt (on request), cheese (3 kinds)

Possibility of gluten-free breakfast - request when ordering



The kitchen at Monsieur Jacques proposes two varied menus for lunch:

  • Menu at €25 (excl-tax), not including drinks: choice of 3 starters + choice of 3 main courses (1 vegetarian) + choice of 4 desserts
  • Menu à €20 (excl-tax), not including drinks: Large salad + choice of 3 main courses (1 vegetarian) + choice of 4 desserts

Possibility of gluten-free lunch - request when ordering



// Sweet production table €12 (excl-tax) per person
Minimum 10 people.

  • Sweets (candy, chocolate bars)
  • Selection of cakes
  • Selection of dried fruit
  • Fruit juice

// Savory production table €14 (excl-tax) per person
Minimum 10 people.

  • Nuts (almonds, cashew nuts, etc)
  • Tyrells Chips & salty biscuits
  • Assortment of cold cuts and cheese
  • Multi-grain bread

Additional bowl of fresh fruit: €25 (excl-tax) for 10 people
Possibility of gluten-free lunch - request when ordering
To be ordered 48 h in advance / We cannot mix the two options



Rouchon Paris and its restaurant, Monsieur Jacques, now propose a custom-made Buffet formula to respond to the more complicated requests.
// 4 propositions of buffets from which you can compose your custom-made menu:

  • NYC Buffet
  • Brasserie Buffet
  • Little Italy Buffet
  • Vegetarian Buffet

For details of each buffet don’t hesitate to download our catering brochure.
Download the catering brochure

// Do not hesitate to make a request, our team will do its best to ful ll your needs.

Options :

  • Maître d’hôtel
  • Culinary art
  • Culinary activities

Buffet for minimum of 20 people / €30 (exl-tax) per person
Can be served directly on the sets, on request
Possiblity to mix the different buffets, on requets
To be ordered 72 hours in advance : booking [at] studiorouchon [dot] com


Custom made

We can also organize your custom-made cocktails, aperitifs or sit-down dinners for a minimum of 30 people.

For a custom-made proposition, contact us : events [at] rouchonparis [dot] com