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Studio Astre is an institution in Paris Fashion photography. Halfway between the Eiffel Tower and the Invalides, one big 2700 square meters cyclorama and two cute little studios.

Created in 1968 by photographer Louis-René Astre - who worked for Vogue for a long time and many other fashion magazines and brands - Studio Astre began its rental activities in the early 80s with a few prestigious photographers such as Richard Avedon or David Bailey, while M. Astre was still active.

When he died in 1988, his widow Suzanne Astre decided to make the full transition to rental and production. Studio Astre quickly became a favorite for foreign photographers due to its prestigious location.
In 2012, the Rouchon family made the acquisition of Studio Astre and invested what was necessary to bring it back to being one of the finest Studios downtown.

Studio Astre

103 Rue Saint-Dominique
75007 Paris

booking [at] studioastre [dot] com

T:+33 (0) 1 55 43 31 00
F:+33 (0) 1 55 43 31 10


  • Sets

    You can find at Studio Astre various wooden panes we can paint to color you choose. There is a paint sink in Studio A.


    At Studio Astre you can benefit from all of ROUCHON DIGITAL services and equipment, just a few miles away. Don't hesitate to order all your digital equipment to Studio Astre and we'll take care of you.
    Please visit the ROUCHON DIGITAL page


    Want to host reporters or clients in one of the most legendary Paris Photo Studio ? Want to offer your crew a full day of incentive built around image creation or model playing ?

    Propose them a unique experience of photography with a choice of shooting, training or portraits.

    Ask for a complete package including a studio, an activity and a home made cocktail by our chef Alassane.

    Discover our events offers

  • Equipment

    For safety and insurance reasons only the equipment ordered by Studio Rouchon is allowed in our Studios.

    We own a significant range of lighting equipment and accessories from Broncolor and Profoto as well as contiunous lighting and grip, and we are working with every rental company in town to answer all your needs.

    We also supply all kinds of consumables (colorama, spoon, cinefoil, batteries..) as well as glass, plexiglas..

    Our studio managers are here to answer all your requests. Just ask !


    Studio Astre has a non-private paved yard. It is available for deliveries, pick-ups and sun bathing, but not for parking. You will find 2 parking lots close by.

    Restaurant service

    You can now benefit from Studio Rouchon's catering services at Studio Astre.
    Studio Rouchon's restaurant is one of the best in Paris. Our chef Alassane will propose every day a menu for deliveries with a selection of our menu and catering classics. 95% of our food is fresh and prepared in our kitchen, with a seasoned menu for every taste. A member of the kitchen crew will bring and prepare your meal in person in Studio Astre's kitchens.